Our Goals and Distinctives

  1. A purpose of bringing glory to God

  2. The functional headship of Jesus Christ

  3. We depend on the Holy Spirit to initiate and complete the building of the body of Christ, convict the world of sin, righteousness, judgment, glorifying the Lord Jesus Christ, bring regeneration to the lost, and transforming believers into the image of Christ

  4. A plurality of godly leaders

  5. A high standard of holiness

  6. An unwavering allegiance to the Word of God for life, growth, holiness and acceptable service

  7. Mature discipling in all phases and ages

  8. An active, ministering people using their spiritual gifts

  9. An intense, loving, caring spirit

  10. An aggressive, spiritual, evangelistic outreach to the lost

  11. Strong mission outreach at home and abroad

  12. A high level of devotion to our assembly, families, widows, singles, young, old and all in between

  13. A stretching, confident faith

  14. A spirit of sacrifice

  15. A primary emphasis on worshiping God

  16. A strong teaching and preaching ministry founded on God’s grace

  17. A praying people

  18. A willingness to change form as the Spirit of God leads

  19. Spiritual objectives through functional objectives

  20. The church is a spiritual organism designed by Christ, made up of all born again believers and is distinct from Israel. Believers are directed by God to associate themselves in a local assembly with leadership, mutual accountability, gifts, order, discipline, growth and worship