The Biblical Record Explains it Best
June 8, 2021

            Naturalism is the view that every law and every force operating in the universe is natural rather than moral, spiritual, or supernatural. Supporting theories like the evolutionary processes for the origin of all living things rejects everything supernatural. It is suggested that the Biblical account of human history is merely symbolic, poetic, allegorical, or mythical. However, if taken at face value, the divinely revealed history of man recorded in God’s Word explains our present state exactly, in a manner that matches our present condition, as evidenced by three Biblical events.

            First, the Fall – Genesis 2:16,17 and 3:6,7. Satan had lied to Eve, saying, “You will not die,” but God said she would. Spiritual and physical death has been experienced by mankind ever since. Satan deceived Eve, saying the fruit was good, pleasant, and desirable and by eating it she would be like God. What actually took place was innocence was replaced with guilt and shame and a newly acquired capacity to see and know evil. Adam and Eve tried to cover their sin and mask their shame with leaves (man’s attempt), but it left them with a physical relationship that was now polluted – before God and before themselves. The design of the man lovingly leading between two equals was corrupted by Eve leading and the man following. Judgment thus follows (Genesis 3:15-19) as sin now enters the world of man, distorting the good that God had made. All human beings have come from Adam and Eve, but now because of the Fall, all have inherited the effects of sin, including being spiritually separated from God, physically dying, and returning to dust. Relationships are corrupted between men and women while sin, shame and guilt continue having their effect and mankind keeps believing the lie of Satan rather than the truths of God. Isn’t this the condition of the world today?

            Second, the Flood – Genesis chapters 6-8. The biblical book of Genesis tells of a great judgment that resulted in a world-wide flood. Massive geological changes occurred in a sudden, violent catastrophe. A sudden flood, for example, can produce a thick layer of sediment in a few hours. That means a large stratum of sedimentary rock which a uniformitarian might assume took millions of years to form could actually be the result of a single flash flood that occurred 100 years ago.

            The catastrophe of Noah’s Flood explains the present condition of our world much better than the evolutionary hypotheses. For example, for living creatures to become fossilized rather than to decay and turn to dust, they must be buried quickly under a great weight of sediment. Apart from a catastrophic deluge on a scale unlike any observed in recent history, how can we explain the existence of a massive fossil bed in Africa, which is thought to hold eight hundred billion vertebrate fossils? Natural sedimentation over several ages cannot explain how so many fossils come to be concentrated in one place. In fact, every inhabited continent contains large fossil beds where millions of fossilized species are found in large concentrations, as if all these creatures were destroyed and buried together by a massive flood.

            Scripture says (Genesis 7:11) the Noahic flood began when “all the fountains of the great deep were broken up.” No doubt the Flood was accompanied by volcanic activity that shot ash into the atmosphere, which caused water vapor to condense, causing torrential down-pours around the globe. Massive geological movements and the shifting of earth’s tectonic plates explain twisted, upthrust rock strata as well as why earth’s mountain ranges formed and give evidence of having once been under the sea.

            Thus, the Fall explains our present human condition while the Flood explains our present planetary condition.

            Third, the Resurrection of Jesus – 1 Corinthians 15:3,4,20-22. The birth, life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ has shaped our present world. Human philosophy, religion, and ideas are utterly incapable of providing us a God unlike ourselves. Human ideas and concepts are earthbound and totally fruitless of producing spiritual truth or guidance. Therefore, God must break into the darkness and emptiness of man’s understanding and show Himself as He really is so that man can know Jesus Christ as the full revelation of God. Jesus is God and only He could free man from the sin that enslaves. He sacrificed Himself for the consequences we so rightfully deserve and, by so doing, has enabled multitudes to be saved and transformed into children of God.

            The Christian faith has many truths, values, and virtues, each of which has countless applications in the lives of believers. But the supreme, overreaching good news is that sinful man can be fully cleansed and brought into eternal fellowship with holy God through faith in the person and finished work of Jesus Christ, the King of Kings and Lord of Lords. For those who have become disciples of Christ, this present world has taken on new meaning and purpose.

            The Fall explains our present human condition – spiritually dead, needing Divine life.
            The Flood explains our present planetary condition.
            The Resurrection explains God’s great love in redeeming all who come to Christ –
forgiving sin and providing believers a Divine life, an eternal relationship with the One true God.

Grace be with you,

Pastor Jay T. Barsaleau