What God Chooses to Use
September 13, 2021

What God Chooses to Use

In 1 Corinthians chapter 1, you will find 5 things God chooses to use.

  • In verses 26,27 God has chosen to use the foolish things of the world. Why? To confound the wise. The word foolish literally means “moron.” In other words, for Bible believers, we look like morons in the world’s eyes.
  • In verse 27, God confounds those who think they are mighty. He chooses the weak.
  • He chooses the “base things of the world,” (verse 28) or those things lacking “class,” to confound those who consider themselves classy.
  • He chooses those things that are despised (verse 28). The Pharisees despised Galileans. Jesus was despised too (Isaiah 53:3a). God chooses despised ones.
  • Finally, God chooses the nothings of this world (vs 28b).

God uses foolish things, weak things, base things, despised things, and nothings – all so that He might be glorified. If you should be one of the above, God can use you. It’s the worldly-wise, strong, classy, popular, and “somethings” that God can’t use.

Moses said, “I can’t,” but God said “I AM” – the eternal God, the self-existing God, the covenant-keeping God. It is God who must get the glory – not man.

Many, like Moses, think they can’t be used of God, but they can! With a yielded, humble heart in God’s hands, you just might be the one He chooses to carry out His purposes, His name, and His glory.

Grace be with you,

Pastor Jay T. Barsaleau