Protocol/Procedure for recommencing services at Covenant Community Church:

  1. Masks
    • All will be required to wear masks when not sitting in the sanctuary.
    • All will be strongly encouraged to wear masks when sitting in the sanctuary.
    • Platform personnel will not use masks when speaking or leading worship, but will wear a mask on and off the platform.
    • Masks will be made available for those who do not have them.
  2. Distancing
    • Every other pew will be blocked off
    • Family groups will be allowed to sit together. Larger families may wish to consider concentrating in two pews instead of spreading out over one pew
    • Non-family personnel will observe social distancing guidelines in a non-blocked pew
  3. Sanitation
    • Encourage use of the hand sanitizer stations at the North and South entrances
    • If supplies are available, additional stations may be set up
    • All commonly touched areas will be cleaned prior to each service
    • Additional cleaning protocols may be implemented based on personnel and supply  availability
    • Trash receptacles will be provided at each entrance for PPE disposal
  4. Offering collection
    • At the beginning, baskets will be set at the North and South sanctuary entrances to collect offerings
    • Baskets will be staffed and offerings collected after the service begins
    • A different collection method may be employed at a later date
  5. Communion distribution
    • Hands-free distribution will be employed. Elements will be picked up at the sanctuary entrance.
    • The cup and any packaging may be placed in the racks in front of the pew or disposed of on the way out.
  6. One Accord/Platform personnel
    • Social distancing will be observed as much as possible.
    • Masks will not be worn on the platform.
    • Sanitize microphones after each service
    • A microphone in a stand will be available for the Elder closing the service to use.